D92 is successor to D91 studio, that was started in 1991 and provided design and consulting services for many clients.

This studio started as a tribute from my late grandfather Arch. Jan Dolejš, who was architect, graphic & industrial designer. His work and knowledge influenced me from in my childhood and this page is here to present what D92 is trying to follow.

Prague Filharmic Orchestra, Čedok and after graduation worked as a Graphic Designer and Architect for many companies at that time – mainly UMPRUM and was self-taught drawer and painter. He later attended 1936Jan Dolejš was born in Prague in

Everything he learned in these fields has than been used in designing exhibition about Czechoslovakia all over the world and creating many brochures, posters, industrial designs and building for many years.

Jan Dolejš passed in December 2015 at age of 79.
and other prolific companies. He also worked on prints and brochures for famous EXPO 58.

Video slideshow of all his work combined, where you can see his creations and projects he was responsible all over his career. All from architecture to industrial design, graphic design, drawing and illustration, exhibitions and photography.